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why dimudjify:

every drink deserves a special cup.


every meal deserves a special bowl.


every plant deserves a special pot.

every candle deserves a special holder.

every soap deserves a special dish.

every eye deserves the aesthetic pleasure.

every hand deserves the kinaesthetic pleasure.


every person deserves a special little thing. or two.


every little thing matters.

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why do I do what I do?


mud can be turned into mood. I enjoy the turning.

devil is in the details and I love spotting him.


ceramics bring meaning. transferring meaning breeds more meaning.

creating things starts a cycle of energy exchange and joy.

ceramics enhance experiences. handcrafted things hold unique energy.


pottery is a mesmerising and soothing process. it heals soul.


why dimudji?

dimudji is a mix of my first name (so egocentric of me, I know), my last name (even more egocentric, but I haven’t quite finished yet), my nickname (I go by dimi at home), the word mud (who would have thought), the word magic (I was tempted to turn it into dimudjic), and the word mood (I was tempted to spell it dimoodji).


all of that together is blended into dimudji.


it can be pronounced with either mud or mood in the middle, with a stress in the middle or in the end, depending, well, on the mood and whether or not one respects phonetic principles of english language.

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