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the human energy behind the pots:

IMG_9339 (2).png

I am dimi potter when I make pots.

I was made in the ussr over three decades ago. 


I identify as mostly heterosexual female.

I am ethnically fluid (c), whatever that means.

i despise capital letters and punctuation. 


I live, breath and pot in amsterdam.


I intend to move away one day. I love and

appreciate amsterdam, but paraphrasing the classic:

if one is fated to be born in the empire, let them live aloof, in the province by the sea.


I have recently quit a corporate job to do ceramics

and I am (scared as fuck) rather terrified.

I love audiobooks, pomegranates, lavender, yoga, eucalyptus, colourful palettes, cheese, questions and long dresses.


I respect mushrooms and snails. fascinating creatures.


I hate noise, bright blue lights, acidic colours, dates (cockroaches in their reincarnation, aren’t they?), black colour,  dishwashers, depression, fake things in their various forms, and violence.

I am a cheesytarian by diet


I am a highly sensitive person

with a tendency to overthink things.

I am introverted, so sharing comes to me with

a lot of struggle.

I am trying to optimise my perfectionism for life.

ceramics helps in this endeavour as it is never perfect


I am trying to trust the world.

ceramics helps in this endeavour as it gives no guarantees.


I am trying to slow down and savour life.

ceramics helps in this endeavour as it is a very slow process. 

I am a (suppressed) manifestor in human design typology, but I haven’t decided yet if I fully believe

that system.


I am also a gemini and there is a lot of duality in me and in what I do. I am often torn between

conflicting choices.

I am also quite keen on various typologies, as they provide temporary relief from answering 

"who am I" question.


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