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the essence


ceramics have the essence inside. I hope to find souls who appreciate and receive the energy I put in.

ceramic pieces are functional:


they are life enhancing items: cups and mugs, bowls and plates, plant pots, and soap dishes, candle holders and oil burners.


they are little things. they stand in their little corners.


they make life better a little bit at a time.


they create a little bit more energy. and beauty. and joy.


day after day. 

ceramics leave a trace. once created they begin living their own adventures and meeting their own people.


ceramics have a destiny. whether they be broken by accident, in despair or in a fit of rage, or go on living for centuries, I cannot know, but I am certainly curious.


the alchemy

ceramic making is about connecting elements and energy:


the earth meets the water on the wheel when a pot is made.

the air dries it.


the fire turns it into ceramics.

the energy and time added to every piece are the most valuable resources. this is how value is born. 

ceramic process is very cyclical. designing, making, drying, finishing, drying, firing, glazing, drying and firing again. every pot goes through this cycle before it is released into the world.


the journey


ceramics are handcrafted. I throw every piece on the potter’s wheel and finish them by hand.

ceramics are fired twice to high temperatures. they are therefore food and dishwasher safe. I detest dishwashers and clean my dishes by hand. they deserve it.


ceramics are made of a variety of clays. I mix my own glazes. these choices mature as I grow. searching for the perfect combination never ends. 


the philosophy


ceramic craft is very meticulous. it is a long process when a lot of things can go wrong at any time. it is very metaphorical and it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. so does life.


ceramics is moving meditation, beautiful ancient act, mesmerising sensual pleasure. it can be (fucking annoying) very frustrating at times as well. 


ceramics teaches to be humble. time after time. we are only human of flesh and blood. the pots are only ceramic, of clay and fire.

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