cynical pot: I've had enough.
  • cynical pot: I've had enough.

    ꩜ what is it?


    have you killed plants before? I have. these pots are inspired by murder. these pots are honest. they tell the story of how one wanted to become a plant person. the obstacles on the way. the inevitable disappointments. some of them are cynical. some of them are morbid. choose the one that fits your plant's current condition and character:


    - attention whore
    - pro-euthanasia 
    - lost soul.
    - deathbed 
    - I've had enough.
    - survivor.


    - the lettering is subtle, a bit tricky to catch on a photo. enough to know it is there without screaming too loudly. 

    - each pot has four holes in the bottom and is unglazed inside, so that the plant can still breath, even if almost dead.

    - each pot comes with a glazed under-pot-saucer to catch the water. this can also be used separately as a snack plate if you feel like depriving your plant even further. 

    they are not even, nor perfect, just like the plant person's path. stay green, keep germinating.

    *plants are not included. get your own victims.

    • ꩜ what size?

      metric measurements:
      - diameter: ~ 8-9 cm 
      - height: ~ 7.5-8.5 cm  
      - volume: ~ 340-380 ml  

      underpot saucer:
      - diameter: ~ 8.5-9 cm
      - height: ~ 1.5-2 cm 
      - volume: ~ 60-80 ml 

      imperial measurements:
      - diameter: ~ 3-3.5 in 
      - height: ~ 3-3.3 in
      - volume: ~ 11-13 fl oz

      underpot saucer:
      - diameter: ~ 3.3-3.5 in  
      - height: ~ 0.5-0.8 in 
      - volume: ~ 12-13 fl oz

    • ꩜ how is it made?

      - black stoneware clay, non-commercial glaze, one of a kind, all that jazz.

      - every piece is special and unique, a sort of ceramic snowflake.

      - the glaze has glossy surface with a combination of blues, greens and yellows on the inside.

      - each piece is hand thrown at the wheel, trimmed, dried, bisque fired, glazed and fired again to around 1222°C.

      - this is a stoneware piece, so it is quite robust, which means you can put it into a microwave and a dishwasher. it should survive, but may become dimstressed over time. I always hope that you respect the piece enough to give it a hand bath. I do.

      - as all pieces are handmade they may have flaws or imperfections in the shape or glazing detail. this is what makes them unique and different from factory made tableware. please bear that in mind.

    • ꩜ why is it made?

      I believe in turning mud into mood. I make special pieces with respect for materials and love for the craft. they are more than ceramic objects, they are moodsetters.

      - every drink deserves a special cup.

      - every meal deserves a special bowl.

      - every plant deserves a special pot.

      - every eye deserves the aesthetic pleasure.

      - every hand deserves the kinaesthetic pleasure.

      - every person deserves a special little thing. or two.

      - every little thing matters.

    • ꩜ where is it made?

      all pieces are made by dimi in berlin, germany in 2021.

    • ꩜ how is it sent?

      - I do my best to pack well using eco-friendly and recyclable materials wherever possible.

      - dimudji is a one human band, so I might need a day or two to post.

      - the packaging is beautiful whether you buy it for yourself, or as a gift. it will be a joy to open.

      - if the piece is damaged in transit, please send me a photo and we will find a solution (refund or replacement).

      - there will be a tracking number.

      - international postage cost makes my eyes bleed. if you are getting more than one item I will do my best to combine postage and refund any shipping overcharge. if you want to know in advance, please reach out to me and I’ll send you a quote.

      - returns are possible within 14 days after delivery, but you would have to bear the costs of return postage. dimi needs to be tough on this.

    • ꩜ can it be personalised?

      - it might be possible to customise pieces.

      - if you have an idea of a project, do reach out and we can discuss it.

    • ꩜ behind the scenes?

      - I share my process, thoughts, doubts and some personal stuff on instagram @dimudji

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